Haberman - feeding innovation

Haberman focuses exclusively on satisfying the needs of newborns and toddlers throughout their key feeding stages.


For over 30 years, Haberman has been shaping the future of feeding, working with consumers, paediatricians and dental experts, to support both child and parent well-being, promoting a person-centred approach to feeding care that recognises the differences in family situations.

Haberman is responsible for the Haberman Feeder, one of the only baby bottles supplied and endorsed by healthcare professionals around the world.

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The Haberman valve revolutionised the infant drinking industry.


Haberman's expertise and information was used by the UK Government throughout its
Sure Start Nurseries.  


The first ever baby Feeder that truly emulates breastfeeding and
delivers natural paced suckle feeding in accordance with healthcare professionals' directives is launched.  Another first for Haberman.

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