Our anywayup®  brand was created 20 years ago by Haberman’s Creative Director, inventor and mumpreneur, Mandy Haberman.


Visiting the home of another parent and watching their children spill juice over the carpet, inspired Mandy Haberman into action to solve the problem of leaky toddlers’ beakers. She set about designing a leak-proof trainer cup that sealed between sips.

The anywayup® cup, the world's first (and still the best), non-spill cup was born.

med res AWU in hand.jpgNot only does it eliminate spillage - yes it really does - but the design also protects growing teeth by allowing a flow of juice only when the child sucks and swallows. anywayup® cups improve hand-to-mouth co-ordination, encourage sipping, not guzzling and help a child develop so they can enjoy learning to drink independently.

Add this to a range of contemporary colours and designs for all age groups starting from six months and you have the ultimate collection of must-have feeding products.

Since its conception, the anywayup® cup has revolutionised the infant drinking industry and its technology now dominates the major global markets around the world.  

It has won many awards including the Design in Business Awards, Design Effectiveness Awards for Innovation and Product Design and has its own place in the UK's prestigious Design Museum.