Suckle Feeder Receives Winning Endorsement from Made for Mums

Haberman is delighted to announce that its Suckle Feeder, an innovation that helps nursing mums prolong breastfeeding and encourage babies to bottle feed more naturally, has been awarded a coveted Made for Mums 2020 bronze award.

The Suckle Feeder is designed to work alongside breastfeeding.  It eliminates guzzling and air bubbles reducing the chance of reflux and colic, and responds to a baby's natural suckling action, encouraging active feeding and the same degree of oral activity as breastfeeding. 

Suckle Feeder M4M homeNursing mums often use mixed feeding methods either out of choice or as a result of other feeding challenges.  However, until the Suckle Feeder was introduced into the marketplace, no other feeding solution existed that mirrored the mechanics of breastfeeding, allowing babies to actively suckle when bottle-feeding.  The Suckle Feeder provides more flexibility, reassurance and encouragement to nursing mothers to breastfeed for longer.  Combination (or mixed) feeding is much more successful if a bottle feeds in the same way as the breast.

Made for Mums judge and maternity nurse Jade Powell believes this bottle is great for breastfeeding mums as it allows them to establish consistency between bottle and breast. Testers also liked that the bottle was so easy to assemble.

Made for Mums Tester Millie, mum of one, commented: “My daughter is combination breast and bottle-fed and would guzzle her bottle previously. With the Haberman Suckle Feeder I adjust the flow and she is much slower to take the bottle.

Commenting on the bronze Award, inventor Mandy Haberman said:

"It is a great honour to win a Made for Mums Award. We are passionate about developing smart products and it is wonderful to have the endorsement and seal of approval of one of the UK’s most trusted parenting brands.  We look forward to continuing to strengthen our market position with new innovations that support infant feeding."

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