About us

Haberman Global Innovations is guided by innovation. Our  intellectual property protects millions of products sold by global distributors and partners every year. Our patents have repeatedly proven to be strong, broad and robust.


We invent better ways

Haberman Global Innovations Limited (HGI) is a British company built on over 35 years of inspirational innovation. We are dedicated to bringing to market innovative baby and toddler feeding products.

Working with business partners, parents, medical professionals, scientists, dental health and feeding experts, has enabled us to grow and develop premium products that deliver unique solutions to satisfy real needs.


Intellectual property is the backbone of the business.
Innovation is at our heart.

In addition to selling products under the Haberman brand, we develop intellectual property, bring new ideas to market, then further exploit our rights through licensing agreements with business partners worldwide. This allows us to generate significant income from partner companies that would otherwise be competitors. We own (and famously defend) all our ideas to help encourage creative product development for the benefit of our customers.

Our goal is to be the most innovative feeding products company in the world.