Our Journey

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”
Ernest Hemingway

  • The Haberman Feeder makes its debut.

    Mandy Haberman creates her first invention, the Haberman Feeder, for a special need. There is no bottle or teat (sometimes referred to as a 'nipple') available in the marketplace to help her daughter Emily who is born with feeding difficulties.

    The Haberman Feeder goes on to become an essential medical tool that is widely used for a variety of feeding difficulties. For 30 years, it has been used and recommended by professionals and hospitals throughout the world and is widely acclaimed by medical professionals.

    More recently, it has been described by Tracy Hogg, The Baby Whisperer, as the: best bottle for breast-fed babies.'

  • The Haberman valve revolutionises the baby feeding products market

    Inspiration for the next Haberman invention unfolds when Mandy observes a toddler spilling blackcurrant juice all over her friend's carpet. Mandy set about inventing the valve that would feature in the first totally non-drip toddler trainer cup (also known as a 'sippy cup'), that sealed between sips.

    In 1993, the first anywayup® cup, featuring the Haberman valve, is made.

    Audacious ways to introduce the new product to the marketplace, including the ploy of sending the chief buyer of a supermarket chain an anywayup® cup filled with juice through the post, gets the product onto the shelves. Sales soar. The anywayup® cup revolutionises the feeding products market. It remains the best and most popular non-spill cup in the world.

  • Safeguarding Haberman's intellectual property

    Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but the anywayup® cup's popularity leads to wrongful appropriation and close imitation by others. Copycat cups and valves start appearing. Several high profile David and Goliath court cases and legal battles follow.

    Haberman's intellectual property is successfully defended and out of court settlements reached.

  • A winning streak

    The anywayup® cup is awarded a Gold Medal at the Salon International des Inventions in Geneva and wins a Horner's Award for innovative use of plastics, sponsored by the British Plastics Federation.

    The anywayup® cup is honoured twice over at the UK's top design industry awards. It wins best "Product - Consumer" sponsored by Nokia and the overall 3M Award for Innovation categories at the Design Effectiveness Awards 2000, organised by the Design Business Association. It is voted by consumers' winner of the Tommy Award for Most Parent Friendly Innovative Product, sponsored by St Thomas' Hospital (London).

  • Strength in numbers

    Mandy Haberman teams up with a group of strategic business partners to develop the Haberman brand. Paul Bottomley and Colin Jones join the business and together they establish Haberman Products, a business focused on feeding and founded on innovation.

  • Funding for growth and international expansion

    Growth funding is secured from a global financial services business. Haberman is a beneficiary of a grant from the Welsh Development Agency due to its investment a new factory and distribution centre in Holyhead. The factory means our products can be taken from inception to fruition.

    To aid expansion into eastern European markets, Haberman secures a partnership with Canpol Babies, leading manufacturer of baby products in Poland.

    Manufacture from sister plant in Poland begins.

    The first major innovation - the Suckle Feeder - rolls off the production line.

    Voted for by parents, Haberman's Anywayup® cow cup is the first portfolio product to receive an award from Loved by Parents for best toddler drinking cup. Haberman's feeding innovations continue to scoop major parenting and innovation awards including Right Start magazine 2015 Prima Baby Gold Award, Made for Mums and Junior Magazine Design Award. Major UK retailers line-up to buy the innovative Suckle Feeder.

    Haberman's Suckle Feeder receives widespread acclaim. Plans underway to develop new infant feeding products.

    New partnerships, licensees and further investment are secured by Haberman Global Innovations.

    The Suckle Feeder and Anywayup Cow Cup win Right Start Best Baby Essentials Awards 2020

    Haberman's journey and global expansion continues.


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