Haberman electronic breast pump 

A professional support in solving lactation problems.  Right Start Best Baby Essential Award winning product 2015.


2-phase electronic breast pump

By mapping the natural course of the two-phases of milk production the Haberman breast pump draws milk efficiently and in comfort.

Simple to use, with a clear display, it offers sensitivity adjustment plus memories and timers you can optimise to your natural feeding cycles.

Mains or battery powered, this 2-phase electronic breast pump comes in a hygienic, stylish bag for use at home or out and about.

RRP: £124.00



Two phase – two expressing cycles:

  • Two phases simulate the initial rapid suckling to stimulate milk flow and the deeper, longer suckling associated with feeding.
  • Mimics natural suckling phases of the baby.
  • Memory functions enable the pump to adjust and change to your natural rhythm automatically.
  • Ergonomically designed with a soft silicone overlay makes it comfortable to use and helps stimulate milk production.
  • Precise control of suction power settings
  • Option to express manually
  • Massage cushion for gentle and efficient expressing
  • Alarm, clock and control of expressing time
  • Powered by batteries or AC adapter


This breast pump was tested on 40 women under the supervision of midwives and lactation consultants.

Test results:

85% an effective solution to lactation problems

90% fast and efficient expressing

95% painless expressing


Set includes:

  • Electric pump main unit
  • Expressing collection combo kit
  • Bottle adapter kit
  • AC adapter kit
  • AC adapter
  • Parts for manual expressing
  • Case
  • Spare parts

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