Suckle Feeder

A Haberman innovation that addresses a real need. #itsbetterthanabottle.



For millions of years, mammals have been born ready to suckle. So why make our bottle fed babies learn a different way to feed? Thanks to evolution, breast is best, so the closer you are to breastfeeding, the better. Breast suckling engages over 40 individual muscles. It stimulates the respiratory system and increases oxygen supply. It is also very important for development of the oral cavity. Suckling means better weight control, better speech development, and fewer problems such as colic.

Suckle Feeder angled.jpgThe Suckle Feeder creates a separate chamber, feeding from a closed teat, resulting in a more natural suckling based system that responds to both negative pressure to draw out milk and to a peristaltic motion to squeeze out milk, enabling the lips, jaws, cheeks and throat to participate fully in the suckling process.

If milk flows too easily, research has shown that the baby’s suckling movements are significantly diminished. Milk overwhelms the baby and can often be seen spilling down their chin.  So, instead of an open hole in the teat, the Suckle Feeder has a valve, which shuts between each suckle cycle, so the baby can relax and breathe without getting swamped.

So what’s so important about a teat that stays full?

It gives a more natural, suckling based system that requires your child to work for their feed, but lets them do so at their own pace.

Closer to breastfeeding

  • suckling_graphic.jpgDesigned to help avoid guzzling and over-feeding
  • Encourages slower feeding and longer suckling, to properly exercise and develop muscles for eating development and speech
  • Responds, like the breast, to the action of lips, jaws and tongue
  • Compliments and supports breastfeeding
  • Variable flow and adjustable through feeding to emulate natural breast-feeding patterns
  • Baby is never overwhelmed; the teat shuts between sucks to facilitate co-ordination of breathing and feeding.
  • Baby feeds in a relaxed, contented way, so feeding is a pleasure for both mum and baby.
  • Baby can feed in a more upright position because the teat stays full of milk.

Unique triple action anti-colic technology, the Suckle Feeder restricts the three routes to air ingestion from:

  • Outside the bottle
  • Inside the bottle
  • Inside the milk.


  • Designed with mum in mind.  The Suckle Feeder is easy to assemble with one hand, in the dark.  It's simple to use and no tongs are required
  • No need to tip the bottle as the teat stays filled
  • Comfy to hold, ergonomically shaped bottle.
  • Big enough to satisfy older babies
  • Even temperature of milk ensured by filter.
  • Extra wide neck bottle.
  • BPA free.

The Haberman Suckle Feeder. It’s better than a bottle