Mandy Haberman, director and founder of Haberman, appeared on The Bottom Line, BBC Radio 4’s roundtable business discussion programme hosted by Evan Davis, BBC Newsnight & Dragon’s Den presenter on June 15 to discuss the topic of Corporate Espionage.

mandyhaberman.jpgMandy Haberman, inventor of the iconic non-spill anywayup® cup and, more recently, the innovative Suckle Feeder, was joined by Chris Morgan-Jones, Crime fiction author and Consultant, K2 Intelligence and Vicki Salmon, Lawyer and Patent Attorney, IP Asset Partnership, Council Member of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys and Chair of CIPA's Litigation Committee.

Corporate theft has played a big part in business history from Porcelain and Tea from China, to the French attempting to get their hands on the blueprint for the Spinning Jenny. In this programme Evan Davis and guests discuss more modern copyright infringement and how to protect against it.

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About Haberman

Mandy Haberman, director and founder of Haberman, is a serial inventor best known for inventing the anywayup® cup, which was the world’s first (and still the best) non-spill toddler cup.  Her first invention, a feeder for babies born with feeding difficulties, is used in hospitals throughout the world.

Haberman’s latest innovation, the Suckle Feeder, is on course to revolutionise the baby bottle-feeding market as it encourages a slower and a more active way for babies to feed by responding to a baby’s suckling, the wave-like motion that occurs when a baby breastfeeds. Today, over 25 per cent of new mum’s don’t or can’t breastfeed and over 50 per cent aren't breastfeeding at six weeks.  The Suckle Feeder satisfies a real need as many popular vented baby bottles had been teaching babies a different way to feed, encouraging guzzling, over-feeding and unnecessary air intake.  

Mandy Haberman has been recognised by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as ‘Pioneer to the Life of the Nation’ and was named Female Inventor of the Year in 2000.