Globally-acclaimed infant feeding products inventor, Mandy Haberman, is set to launch her anti-obesity baby bottle in new markets to help combat the $1.2 trillion global obesity epidemic. Her patented, award-winning technology delivers natural baby-led paced feeding without requiring intervention from the care-giver. It supports breastfeeding and the latest advice from healthcare professionals and lactation experts and has been successfully launched and proven in the UK.

home suckle feeding2 mobile v2Haberman’s bottle has a long malleable teat and a valve instead of a hole. A filter component, situated between bottle and teat removes micro bubbles, keeps the teat filled at any angle and enables the system to work using breastfeeding action, putting the baby back in control and helping to prevent guzzling, overfeeding and colic. This new infant feeding technology has been invented in response to a real need and comes at a time when Public Health England is now looking to tackle over-eating from birth to make sure children get the best start in life; UK Government advisors have published new guidance on feeding babies, the first in more than 20 years. As Professor Atul Singhal, Pediatric Nutrition University College Hospital (London) Institute of Child Health explains: "The majority of babies are bottle-fed and bottle-fed babies need to grow like breastfed babies.” Babies have a developmental window during which time their appetite is established. Conventional vented bottles cause babies to guzzle and overfeed. This sets into motion biological and behavioural changes that predispose them to a lifelong battle against obesity and many associated health risks.

Professionals recommend baby-led paced feeding. However, achieving this method of feeding with conventional bottles increases the risk of air ingestion because it relies on the mother's willingness and ability to disturb a baby's 'latch'. “Paced feeding prevents a baby from guzzling and is helpful in the effort to reduce childhood obesity,” explains Lynn Apple RN BSN, Lactation Consultant. “It is the most desirable bottle-feeding method. Haberman’s design is superior, as air is completely eliminated from the teat.”

Commenting, inventor Mandy Haberman said:

“My latest invention is a significant advance in infant feeding technology and will help combat infant obesity in bottle-fed babies. It encourages and prolongs breastfeeding and there are many other associated benefits such as reducing gas, colicand reflux and encouraging an active peristaltic suckling action, to stimulate the respiratory system, increase oxygen supply and help develop the oral cavity for better speech development. My bottle makes feeding in an upright position possible and enables nutritive and non-nutritive suckling. No other bottle on the market works like this. I’m thrilled it has been so well received by professionals and parents alike.”