lovi @ Haberman bottle warmer

Our bottle warmer features automatic heating time control and warms a wide range of bottles and jars of baby food quickly and evenly.


Bottle warmer

An automatic heating control means bottles or food will heat to the correct temperature even if food has been frozen.

The food warming bowl is ideal for warming thick feeds, and includes a lid to prevent the food from drying out during warming.

Speedy warming of bottles and feeds makes life easier for busy parents. Once warmed the temperature is maintained and ready for you when you’re ready.The ‘ready’ indicator tells you when the bottle or food is at the right temperature.

The universal holder makes this bottle warmer suitable for warming most types of bottles, as well as jars of ready-made baby food.

RRP: £27.00

  • Automatic heating time control
  • Warms bottles and baby food quickly and evenly
  • Fits a wide range of bottles and jars of baby food
  • Ready when you are
  • Includes two feeding spoons and a feeding pot.

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